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  • Michał
    A terrific tool for a month already 3 cm! The girl in delight, plus a very increased desire, now out of bed all day do not get out!
  • Paweł
    Good product, although libido increases only at the time of application. But the main effect of growth of a member, remains forever. 4 cm penis has grown a few cm in diameter increased.
  • Patrycja
    I myself did not believe at first, but dick has really grown. Although it is not like writing here, not 6 inches, and only 4. I think another course to try, maybe even grow.
  • Paulina
    I bought my husband, I love him, but a member of his poor, almost no pleasure not received. But now! Thick, long, durable, one pleasure in bed. And relationship work, as good sex.
  • Weronika
    Do not say, but size matters. I guy just wanted to quit because he had a small, but decided to finally gel Gigant to buy, and what will help. Now don't think to leave him the penis he's got as much as 5 cm grew, quite another matter!
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