Penis enlargement

penis enlargement by surgery

When a man is not happy with the size of his penis, he thinks about his enlargement. There are a variety of medications, from ointments and creams to mechanical pumps, but none work. Only penis enlargement surgery is considered an effective procedure.

During an erection, the average penis size is considered to be 12 to 15 cm. However, in the normal state, the length and size differ significantly. The intimacy of men about the insufficient size of the penis in length and width is common all over the world.

Before deciding to enlarge your penis, you should consult your doctor. Only a few patients really need surgery.

Indications for going to the clinic:

  • developmental anomalies;
  • its deformation;
  • congenital micropenis;
  • Penile involution.

Any qualified medical center doctor will try to dissuade you from such a responsible step if surgery is not necessary.

Existing techniques

The modern approach to surgical penis enlargement involves enlargement in a variety of ways.

In the initial phase, it is important to determine what type of correction is needed:

  1. Organ extension.Ligamentotomy is a common type of surgery in which the penis is enlarged in length. The organ is stretched from 3 to 6 cm, while the thickness remains unchanged. The essence of the method is to cut the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone. In fact, the penis does not increase, the length remains the same. That part of the organ that was not visible becomes visually visible.
  2. Penis thickening.Lipophilization is also relatively safe. Prolongation occurs due to the introduction of subcutaneous fat, biogel or silicone implants under the skin. Sometimes men use this method alone at home, but it almost always leads to suppuration and abscesses.
  3. Prosthetics.Surgery is a serious complex surgical procedure, so not every doctor will agree to it. Also, not every polyclinic has high-quality equipment equipped with new generation medical centers. Cartilage or similar elastic materials are used as prostheses.

Modern medicine suggests the use of implants that have an inflatable mechanism. The man independently regulates the strength of the erection. But not everyone can afford such an invention, so surgeons use special dentures.

Patients often ask to increase the length and volume of the penis at the same time, but, unfortunately, today the operation does not foresee that possibility.

Preparing for surgery

ways to enlarge the penis

Many surgeons practice showing a video to a patient before surgery, showing the progress of the surgery. The procedure seems endless, so some men immediately refuse.

Penis enlargement surgery is a complete operation. After the doctor talks to the patient about the possibility of changing the penis, it is necessary to visit specialized specialists. You need to donate urine and blood and visit a urologist. Before the procedure, the blood group and the time of coagulation, Rh factor and the presence of hepatitis and HIV infection in the body are determined. In some cases, an electrocardiogram is prescribed.

If all tests are normal, the doctor will indicate the date of surgery and discuss the cost of the procedure. There is no need for prior hospitalization. It is important not to eat the day before, but to drink only small amounts of water.

The night before surgery you should take an antibiotic as prescribed by your doctor.

Leadership Process

Operation duration - 30 minutes. The patient was called to the operating room and anesthesia was administered. Once he relaxes and falls asleep, the doctors begin the process.

Previously, the penis enlargement technique involved an incision through the pubic bone. A scar remained in this place. Today, the method is considered obsolete and is not used in modern clinics.

It is much more aesthetically pleasing to perform the procedure through the scrotum, making an incision in the middle. The required places are lined with a scalpel. The penis is extended as much as possible and its position is fixed. The incision site is sutured with absorbent sutures. The method is so effective that after 5-7 weeks the man forgets about the operation.

There are no horrible scars and cuts, so the sexual partner may not know that the patient has survived such an operation. Plastic surgeons also claim that the procedure does not negatively affect the work of muscles and blood vessels and will not create erection problems.

Penis enlargement surgery is not cheap. The price depends on the qualifications of the doctor, the medications used and the level of the medical center.

Possible complications

Medical technology has reached such a level that complications of any level are impossible. But unexpected consequences are happening. This is mainly due to the choice of an insufficiently qualified surgeon or clinic with a bad reputation. A proven medical center will try to avoid complications.

What to warn the patient after surgery:

  • sharp pain during erection or later during intercourse;
  • decrease in head sensitivity;
  • infection and suppuration;
  • bleeding when urinating;
  • unstable penis position during intercourse.

These symptoms are believed to be associated with penis enlargement surgery if they occurred in the first year. The patient should contact the clinic immediately if at least one of the symptoms is noticed. The medical center will prescribe a course of recovery and therapy.

There are a number of side effects that go away but require a doctor's examination:

  • erectile dysfunction:
  • appearance of dark spots or bruises on the penis;
  • thrombus formation in this area;
  • blisters;
  • member swelling.

Anyway, the patient is the way to the doctor who comes.

After discharge, it is recommended to exclude physical activity and sexual activity for 3-4 weeks. Don't forget about personal hygiene and change your underwear regularly. Medications prescribed by a doctor after surgery are mandatory.

Actual results

First of all, the patient must understand that the operation does not involve increasing the length of the penis several times. The male sexual organ will change for a reason.

The operated person must be adequately aware of what to expect. Elongation is possible by 3-5 cm, but it also depends on the structure of the organs and the physiology of the patient. The technique involves wearing a special expander, without which the penis will return to its original position in a few months.

According to the survey, 97% achieve a stable result, and the penis is enlarged by 4-5 cm. The patient's self-esteem grows and the desire for sexual intercourse increases.

Whether a person needs surgery depends on him. Statistics ensure that in most cases the operation is successful, has no complications and provides a high performance. But even experienced surgeons claim that genital augmentation is a risky step that must be resorted to in extreme cases.