How to make cock thicker

how to increase the member

Men who want to increase the size of its main body, no problem with extension — ways to increase penis length a lot. But at the same time make the member thicker?

The debate about what is more important girth or length, do not have special meaning. The saturation of sex, success in intimate life, confidence of men in themselves depend on both parameters.

How to measure the thickness of the penis and what are the rules

The rate is measured in the excited state, using a tape measure. It is wrapped around the body, and then record the result. Grab the scrotum is not necessary. On the basis of circumference to diameter, it is sufficient to divide the resulting figure by 3.14 (PI).

According to statistics, most men with a diameter of about 3 centimeters (circumference 9.4 cm). Although 4-inch diameter (12.7 cm girth) is not the average norm, in surveys women or saying that only at this size the sex to be complete (less — nothing to even try), or confirm that they would prefer a partner with a manhood of such thickness.

Although the 3-centimeter diameter close to the medical norm, it can confidently be called the norm sexually. Even if the phallus is quite long and penetrates during intimacy deeply, the lack of thickness makes efforts to nothing. Then the vaginal muscles grasping the shaft of the penis as a whole — the feeling is dim, bring a partner to orgasm is very difficult or does not work at all.

The desire to increase body girth and not in length — a reasonable, proper desire. Sexologists confirm that about half of sexually active men are dissatisfied with the performance. After all, everyone wants a stunning location, and the volume is penis sensation during sex is directly dependent on. Externally manhood also looks a lot more impressive when the thickness is in harmony with the length.

Effective ways to increase penis girth:

  • surgery;
  • massage exercises;
  • the use of special devices.

Each method has its own characteristics. Results come faster or slower. The cost of time and effort differ.


Medical research on how to increase the thickness of the member, being the first decade.

Doctors perform different types of operations, allowing to increase the girth of the phallus by at least one-two centimeters:

  • Lipofilling is not too much damages the body although swelling of the penis for 2-3 months. With the help of injections along the barrel member to distribute your own fat tissue of the patient. Plus the fact that her body will almost always accept without rejection. The downside is that fat maybe a couple of years to dissolve, leaving bumps on the surface. Also, there are abscesses, fibrosis. Sometimes a member loses the original elasticity.
  • The thickness of the penis also increase, using synthetic fillers, such as PMMA. It is a gel of microscopic polymeric beads — microspheres. The risk of rejection remains, fibrosis and loss of elasticity also happen.
  • Before to increase the thickness of the member is actively used hyaluronic acid. It is also injected under the skin to the man after a period of rehabilitation has received considerably increased in diameter by the body. The effect, however, temporary: the year the acid is absorbed — the process has to be repeated. Today, however, this technology is not so popular.

About half of the responses of women about partners, which increased the girth of the penis by means of surgical intervention — negative. Women complain that manhood after the modification looks unnatural, ugly. Sex starts to bring more fun, more often on the contrary.

Other unpleasant effects of surgery, how many would not lasted recovery:

  • during the rehabilitation of sex is impossible, you have to carefully follow the doctor's recommendations, constantly felt pain, discomfort;
  • an erection is not always restored to the previous level, and the danger of losing penis sensitivity, especially head;
  • tissues heal unevenly, causing the trunk, becoming thicker, curved (Peyronie's disease).

Many such risks scare, which is logical. Describes the procedure, although performed under local anaesthesia, difficult and painful. Men are turning to doctors with the question of how to increase the thickness of the penis without surgery. Therefore, sexologists and professionals of other areas are working on alternative options.

How to increase thickness of penis without side effects

Surgery is expensive and to avoid unpleasant consequences is not always possible. Effective alternatives are two: massages and use of special devices.

Various gels can only warm up the penis tissue, such as before the massage. Biologically active additives, providing the body with trace elements, to improve conditions for the growth of the body. However, the drugs in any case give only an auxiliary effect on their own growth begins.


Special exercises normalizes the blood flow to the penis and tones up the muscle tissue, prevents stagnation of blood. However, to significantly increase the girth of the penis and improve sexual potency, doing self-massage every day for at least six months. The average rate is a few years old.

Before massaging the penis, it is heated, attaining an erection. It should not be complete, and approximately 70 % of the limit that the body is not injured. Then do massage to improve the supply of trunk blood. While watching to avoid any discomfort.

Technician a massage lot, you can choose any. But there are some drawbacks:

  • earlier than six months, significant results will not;
  • you can accidentally injure a member, to RUB or damage the skin;
  • every day need to spend an hour and a half is better, otherwise the performance will be low.

Reason tried a special technique men are wondering how to increase the thickness of the member without tedious procedures. Especially fit massage not all people who do not live alone, this option is unlikely to be convenient.

Special tools

Those who do not want to risk their own health and well-being, recommend the use of extenders and other devices. With their help increase the girth of the penis without spending too much time.


Classes with extender lengthen and make thicker phallus without threat of medical intervention. Growth comes naturally: the cells are actively dividing, the volume of the cavernous bodies of increases the member increases in size.

The pros checked the vacuum adhesion of the extender:

  • design does not injure the body, not rubbing the skin, does not cause stretching;
  • handling the load independently to the extent that, as the circumference will increase;
  • the device is suitable for people with a tight work or school schedule, family men, to anyone;
  • the result is achieved for three to four months, the penis becomes notably thicker, while wearing the extender is easily combined with other things can not be said about self-massage.

Practice has confirmed that six months of wearing the extender is enough to get increase. Only there is no risk to the body, as in surgery. "To depart" for a year is not required. To devote time every day, as in self-massage, also do not need the extender works on the principle of "put and forget".

The concrete results are as follows:

  • wearing does not cause pain, so to use the device for a few hours a day without discomfort;
  • the results for long-term, regular use of the extender and a half to two inches in girth in six months.

To change the size of the manhood at any age — extender is effective and for young people, and men who have kept sexual activity. One and a half, two inches of girth obtained in addition to the increase in length, increase the full body. Success in sex becomes much more attainable, denial and irony from the partners remain in the past.

Use "analogues" of the extender, which is made artisanal, not worth it. Their use threatens unpleasant consequences:

  • due to incorrectly calculated weight member does not grow, and stretched — felt pain, discomfort;
  • cavernous bodies are damaged, the potency wanes, there is a risk dysfunction (impotence);
  • daily wear normally stop after a week or even sooner because it is getting unbearable;
  • recovering improperly distributed load, the penis always returns to her sensitivity, sometimes the trunk of the body is curved and remains so forever.

When men are trying to scare the fact that the alleged extender stretches the penis and increases girth — we're talking just about a homemade "analogues". Checked the device create by the latest German designs. Their effectiveness and safety are proven at the international level.

A new kind of pump

Hydraulic processes give several positive effects:

  • help to warm up the tissue of the penis before wearing special devices, but after these procedures relieve the tension;
  • accelerate the growth of body circumference without allergic reactions, injuries, no hormonal reactions and other side effects;
  • the effect of swelling begins almost immediately, lasts half an hour without taking pills or other medications.

The main thing is to use the pump according to instructions. Then the effect turns positive. The phallus grows faster in girth. And the result is fixed and does not disappear in a year, as is the case with hyaluronic acid.

The cost of work methods: is the game worth the candle

If you do self-massage, spending money is not necessary. However, a massively popular self-massage this became. Execute it is inconvenient, takes time to spend their own resources in a much wiser. And if to be mistaken with the intensity or by the movements, it is easy to "earn" the injury, the treatment of which will have to pay a tidy sum.

From the purchase of special devices two or three men out of ten keeps their cost. High it is not mentioned, but still not free like the massage. So the rest of us — intelligent, well-minded buyers are other findings:

  • price from trusted, secure devices are much lower than the cost of the surgical procedure;
  • to expect side effects from the surgery, or to undergo long-term rehabilitation will not have;
  • the positive effect is achieved faster, so that the cost is clearly paying off.

You can also add that the success of sex, the pleasure of intimacy, of recognition and admiration from women is invaluable. Just need to get an appropriate thickness of the main male organ. The penis should be long and voluminous. To achieve this today easier thanks to the secure, tested solutions.