How can you make your penis thicker at home?

The self-esteem of many men directly depends on the size of their genitals. In this case, not only the length but also the thickness of the phallus plays an important role. Therefore, many people who think that their penis is thin, think about how to increase the thickness of the penis.

Can a penis be made thicker?

Before you start to thicken your penis, you need to figure out if it can be done. Today, there are techniques to increase the diameter of the genital organ. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that you can thicken your penis even at home.

Most methods are based on the ability of skin tissue to increase with increased blood circulation. In this case, cell division accelerates and the penis becomes thicker. Increasing the thickness of the penis does not just start, it requires a certain catalyst that starts the process of thickening the penis. In the body of men, the catalyst is testosterone - a male hormone responsible for the development and formation of sexual characteristics in men.


Almost every guy has thought about increasing the diameter of his penis. However, is it really necessary to do so? A small percentage of the planet’s male population needs such a procedure. More often than not, the decision to thicken the penis is not a necessity, but a common desire of a man to make his penis even bigger.

To understand the need for the procedure, you should be familiar with size standards. The average length of the penis is 13-15 cm, and the thickness is 7-8 cm. Such sizes are considered the norm, and men with these dimensions should not have to deal with lengthening or thickening the penis. Owners of micropenis should consider the dimensions of the genitals, which increase in erection to 8 cm.

the man with the magnifying glass examines the member and wants to thicken it

Increasing the thickness of the penis is a complex process that requires certain knowledge and skills from a person. Today, there are various methods of increasing the diameter that allow you to make the penis more voluminous.

How to increase penis massage?

A special massage for thickening the penis is often performed at home. The main goal of the procedure is to speed up blood circulation and improve the flow to the genitals. Today, massage is considered to be the simplest method of thickening the phallus, which does not require any material costs. To achieve good results, the whole course is carried out, after which the penis not only thickens, but also lengthens.

Before proceeding with the phallus massage, the skin is warmed. To do this, put a small piece of cloth or towel in boiled water for one and a half minutes. The genitals are then wrapped in a soaked cloth for 20-30 minutes. This procedure is performed to make the fabric stretch better.

After heating, a cream, lubricant or special gel is applied to the skin surface to increase the volume of the penis. Without warming and moisturizing the skin, massage is not done as it can damage the tissues of the organs.

During the massage, the base of the phallus is wrapped around the right arm, after which the arm moves towards the head in slow movements. When it is at the end of the penis, the movement is repeated with the left hand. This is done to stretch the skin, which will gradually increase the length and width of the organs.

After completing the previous exercise, the penis is tightly wrapped around the index finger and thumb and slowly massaged. When performing the procedure, it is recommended to move from the base to the head and strongly stretch the skin. The exercise is repeated three times, after which the bottom of the penis is again wrapped around the fingers and held for 3-5 minutes. Then, without dropping the base, the penis stretches to the sides for 10-20 seconds. There is a one-minute break between each approach.

penis enlargement device

When performing a massage, pay attention to your health condition. If pain occurs when stretching the skin, the procedure must be stopped immediately so as not to damage the tissues of the penis.

Surgical methods

Some, in order to increase the circumference of the penis, use more radical methods, which include surgery. Genital resizing is performed only if all other methods have not helped.

The main advantage of this method is its high efficiency, which allows you to achieve excellent results. Disadvantages of the method include:

  • complexity of the procedure;
  • high probability of complications;
  • long postoperative recovery.

Today, various surgical techniques are used to enlarge organs.


Lipofilling is the most common surgical method for thickening the genitals. The essence of the procedure is the transplantation of the patient's adipose tissue into the subcutaneous tissue of the phallus.

The method is absolutely safe, because the probability of rejection of the transplanted skin is extremely small. However, this procedure still has shortcomings, which need to be known in advance. The main drawback is associated with the gradual resorption of subcutaneous fat, which will cause small bumps and other irregularities to appear under the skin. Disadvantages include the fact that after changing the diameter of the organs you can not have sex for a long time.

hyaluronic acid injection for penis thickening

Muscle transplantation

In order to increase the thickness of the genital organ, muscle tissue transplants are often performed. This makes the penis 3-4 cm thicker. One of the differences between this procedure and lipophilization is the recovery period, which lasts about 7 months.

During this operation, a strip of muscle tissue is taken from the patient, which is transplanted under the skin of the penis. The result of the procedure will last forever, unlike lipofilling. Axillary tissue or abdominal muscles are most commonly used for transplantation. The resulting fibers are used to wind the corpora cavernosa, thus changing the diameter of the male organ.

operative increase in penis thickness

Adding cartilage

To achieve increased penis volume, cartilage tissue is sometimes implanted in the penis. This procedure is very difficult because during its implementation all the tissues of the genital organ are separated. It is recommended to use this method if it is necessary not only to add volume to the penis, but also to correct its shape. The main disadvantage of the operation is the complexity of its implementation, which is why the following complications sometimes occur:

  • inflammatory processes;
  • decreased sensitivity of the head;
  • appearance of scars;
  • weakening of the erection;
  • rejection of transplanted tissue.

Also, many attribute the recovery period to major deficiencies, which lasts about a year.

Installation of balls

Increasingly, in order to increase the volume, the guys turn to experts to implant small balls under the skin of the phallus. Such products are made of hypoallergenic materials that are absolutely safe. To place the balls, seek the help of body modifiers or conventional surgeons specializing in such surgeries.

Using balls, the width of the penis increases only in certain areas. However, even that is enough to further stimulate the partner's vaginal walls.

After the balls are implanted under the skin, certain restrictions on sex appear. For example, intercourse should not be too long, as this will cause severe rubbing of the skin.

How to perform a clamp?

Clamping is the latest technique in which an upright penis is clamped at the bottom with a special ring or clamp. The procedure thickens the volume of the penis and improves the erection by increasing blood flow. Only special erectile rings are used to perform the contraction. Do not use other objects at hand as they can damage the skin of the penis.

Before using the ring, you must inspect it carefully to make sure there is no damage. It is also recommended to pre-treat with lubricant. This will reduce the likelihood of inconvenience while using the ring. Experts recommend pinching just before intercourse, because this procedure has a short-term effect.


A so-called extender is often used to increase the thickness of the penis. The device is specially designed to increase the dimensions of masculinity. Initially, the device was used only to lengthen the phallus. However, over time, the boys noticed that the volume of the organs also increased after use. Regular use of extenders can develop the muscles of the penis and increase it evenly.

When using the device, it is recommended to follow the following sequence of actions:

  • Secure the penis in the unrestrained position inside the device.
  • Using a special tightening mechanism, we pull the tip of the phallus and enlarge it.
  • Leave the genital organ in a tense position for half an hour. During this time, new cells will appear in the tissues, thanks to which the size of masculinity will increase.
  • After completing the procedure, remove the device.

The extender has certain contraindications that you should be familiar with before use. The device must not be used by people with damaged testicular structure, seminal ducts or appendages.

penis thickening extender

water pump

Greenhouses that want their penis to grow and become thick use vacuum pumps to thicken it. These devices are made and used to improve blood flow to the genitals and to dilate the corpora cavernosa.

The main disadvantage of these devices is that the results after their application do not last forever. Therefore, pumps are used just before sexual intercourse.

In order for the result to have a long-lasting effect, you will have to wear the pump every day for 2-3 hours.

How else to make your penis thicker?

Not everyone wants to do penis thickening exercises. In order for the penis to have normal dimensions, it is necessary to:

  • Avoid fizzy drinks, fatty foods and fast food. It is recommended to add foods that contain vitamin B, zinc and magnesium. All of these elements contribute to testosterone production.
  • Stop smoking and drinking large amounts of alcohol. Bad habits slow down the production of male hormone and because of that, the growth of the penis stops.
  • smoking cessation during penis thickening
  • Lead an active lifestyle to heal your body.
  • Have sex regularly. Prolonged abstinence from making love negatively affects health. Often abstinence leads to prostatitis and other diseases of the reproductive system.


Many guys are not happy with the size of their manhood and try to increase it in any way. To understand how to properly increase the thickness of the phallus, you will need to get acquainted with the main methods of increasing the size of the genitals.