How to increase the thickness of the penis

Men often look for methods and tools to increase the thickness of the penis. After some lifelong learning techniques: stretching, carrying weights, the penis can lengthen but change slightly in width. Increasing the range can be difficult to achieve.

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Ways to change the diameter of the penis

In order to increase the thickness of the penis, surgical manipulations are performed, non-surgical manual techniques are used, special devices and external means are used.

Surgical methods

The operation gives a guaranteed result. Operations are performed in clinics and require long-term postoperative rehabilitation. A lot of tests need to be passed. But even ideal conditions do not guarantee the absence of complications.

Penile lipofilling

How to increase the thickness of the penis with minimal organ damage? The patient's own fat is taken and distributed under the skin of the penis by injection. The probability of rejection in such cases is minimal.

Disadvantages of the method include the ability of adipose tissue to dissolve spontaneously over time (1-3 years), leaving behind irregularities and protrusions on the surface of the penis.

lipofilling for penis enlargement

Usually lipofilling is performed together with ligamentomy - cutting the anterior ligament to lengthen the penis, but this can also be done separately. The operation lasts about an hour, followed by 24 hours of observation in the hospital and 5 weeks of recovery at home.

Of the advantages - the absence of scars and scars, the possibility of increasing the thickness of the penis to 1, 5 cm at rest.

Complications are due to the inability of adipose tissue to germinate with blood vessels: pus is possible (rarely), fibrosis - loss of elasticity.

Muscle tissue transplantation into the penis

How to effectively and for the rest of your life increase penis volume without artificial implants? Such an operation is possible and is performed by transplanting one's own muscle tissue. The strip, a fold of muscle tissue, is isolated from the patient's body and wrapped around the cavernous bodies of the penis. The top is covered with leather and sewn.

muscle tissue transplantation for penis enlargement

After transplantation, the penis thickens up to 30 mm at rest. Such surgery requires lengthy preparation and lengthy rehabilitation of at least eight months.

Technique "Perovik"

How to increase not only the length of the penis, but also correct its shape and volume? For that, the Perovik technique was developed. All the tissues of the penis are divided, and parts of the cartilage are implanted between them. Recovery after such an operation is long, about a year. If you follow all the doctor's recommendations during the rehabilitation period, you will get a beautiful member of the correct shape in a year.

Due to the complexity of the operation, complications are possible:

  • inflammation of the penis to gangrene, scarring and loss of organ elasticity;
  • crunchy tissue rejection, irregular fusion and deformation;
  • loss of sensitivity of the penis;
  • lack of potency.

Ball implants under the skin

This technique is becoming increasingly popular in surgeries and with body modification specialists. Hypoallergenic beads are implanted under the skin of the penis, increasing its thickness.

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia through small incisions in the skin of the genital organ where the client determines. The wounds heal completely after 10 days. If desired, objects are removed from the organs.

The beads allow you to increase the diameter of the penis in selected areas, giving the opportunity for additional stimulation of the vagina with penis seals. Prolonged coitus can lead to injury or rubbing.

It should be borne in mind that the balls can begin to fall off, causing inflammation, swelling, and in severe cases, gangrene and loss of the penis or part of it.

According to women's reviews, balls are an unusual, unnatural and visually unattractive phenomenon. They do not provide much pleasure during sex, although many men convince themselves and try to convince others otherwise.


It stimulates blood flow to the organs, removes congestion and tones the tissues. This allows you to slightly increase the circumference of the penis and increase potency. To achieve a visible result, you must do a self-massage for at least six months.

penis enlargement massage

Before the massage, the penis is warmed up and aroused. It must then be stretched in different directions. They don’t pull back strongly until uncomfortable feelings arise.

To avoid injuries, massage is done with an erection of no more than 70%, with a full "climb" it is strictly forbidden. There are different techniques, it is better to get acquainted with them in detail before you start manipulations.

Penis devices

More tangible results appear when massage is combined with the use of a penis device.


How can you increase the thickness of masculinity with the help of an extension? The mechanism is simple. In the process of prolonged stretching of the organ, microtrauma of its tissues occurs, which leads to enlargement and proliferation of the cavernous bodies of the penis.

The main disadvantage of the method is the long wait for visible results, and for many men it is also the inconvenience or inability to wear the device for several hours a day.

Vacuum pump

The technique is also aimed at stimulating the growth of cavernous tissues. The essence of the method - the penis is placed in a flask, air is sucked out of it. It allows blood flow to the corpora cavernosa of the organs, an erection occurs, blood flow in the small pelvis increases and stagnation is removed. There is, so to speak, a "massage of the blood vessels" by the active movement of the blood and the filling of the penis with it.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Reviews about this method are ambiguous - the result of increasing the length and thickness of the penis is positive and no. However, the pump removes stagnation by one hundred percent. The method needs to be used regularly, for a long time, for a more pronounced result, it is used in combination with external means.

External medicines: ointments, creams, sprays

The products irritate the skin of the penis and increase blood flow. Their effect can be noticed immediately after application, but this will be a temporary result. In addition, the funds often contain substances that improve metabolic processes in the body, stimulating the growth of new cellular structures.


Is it possible to increase the thickness of the penis without surgery, external means and devices, without spending money and without side effects from the body? There are a number of effective exercises for penis enlargement.

Exercise for stretching the thick shell of the penis - protein tunic with vascular massage:

  • the penis heats up, leads to a good erection and is covered at the bottom with the thumb and forefinger - OK - grip;
  • it is necessary to constrict the blood vessels and not "drain" blood from the penis;
  • force even more blood into the penis by squeezing the pubococcygeal muscle and temporarily weakening the OC grip, followed by compression when blood enters the penis;
  • the body should achieve a 100% firm erection.

Be sure to use a lubricant or glidant.

  • With the other hand, OK, they grab the top of the head and run their fingers to the base of the head. You have to run your fingers through your whole head for 10-15 seconds;
  • stay in base for 10 seconds;
  • the first arm at this point should not weaken the OK-grip and remains motionless;
  • make 5-10 such movements along the head of the penis and change hands;
  • the task of the fixed arm is to hold the grip as tightly as possible as it moves over the head.

The purpose of the manipulation is to move the blood from the head of the penis under the tunic and lock it there, the organ should swell, the tunic should stretch in thickness.

Squeezing the penis

Traumatic exercise, only for experienced NUPere - men who enlarge their penis in a natural way. It is intended to increase the thickness of organs.

  1. Before manipulation, the penis must be prepared - it is heated in any suitable way for no more than 10 minutes, the preparatory movements of the fir are done for 5-10 minutes.
  2. The organ should be able to lift 80-100%.
  3. The thumb is placed at the very base of the penis, the others are pressed from below into the recess in the area of the joint of the corpora cavernosa - almost into the scrotum itself.
  4. The brush moves with effort towards the head, the grip is weakened when moving backwards.
  5. Repeat several times, gradually increasing to 15 times.

The next day they take a break, and if the organ is very swollen, the rest is extended for a few days. The essence of the manipulation is forcing the spongy body, where the urethra is located.

Doctors' opinion on the increase

Everyone decides how and in what way to increase the width of the penis. Doctors, on the other hand, take as a basis the belief that the average member of 13-16 cm and less, 2-3 cm thick, copes with its function, there is no need to increase it.

It makes sense to resort to surgery if the size of the penis is very small (less than 8-10 cm with an erection), with deformities, diseases that disrupt the shape. For those who want to increase the thickness of even a normal organ in any way, doctors advise the use of extenders, pumps and manual procedures.

It must be borne in mind - all these techniques require daily and regular effort. Otherwise, the result may not be.