How to enlarge penis with exercise and massage

The sphere of intimate relationships has always been and will be one of the current male topics. Since ancient times, many peoples have raised the penis to a cult. Remember the many pictures of phalluses on the walls of surviving Egyptian buildings. The phallus has always been associated with masculine strength and courage. Every man wants to have a bigger penis than average. For the first time, penis enlargement massage has been described in Arabic chronicles. It is believed that Arab boys have used various penis enlargement techniques since their youth as part of sex education. In this article we will talk about how to easily enlarge the penis with exercises and massage at home. We will determine the simplest and most common method, as well as reveal the secrets of forgotten techniques.

a man thinks about penis enlargement by massage

Can you pump it up?

The phallus is not a muscle! Thinking logically, you can understand that it is impossible to pump your penis in the gym. You can tone and strengthen only the pelvic floor muscles, which play an important role in erection, but do not participate in creating size. The body of the penis is formed by two cavernous bodies and one spongy, which passes into the head of the penis, and the cavernous bodies are located on the sides. For a better understanding, you can compare the penis with a sausage in the dough, where the sausage is a spongy body and the dough is hollow. Cavernous bodies are so called because they contain voids or "caves" in which blood flows during an erection. It works like this: blood enters the voids, fills them, it seems that at this moment the muscles of the bottom of the pelvis block the outflow of blood from the penis - more comes and goes. This is how an erection is formed. When the muscles relax, the venous blood goes away, the lacunae are released. As a result, the large phallus gradually returns to normal size. All at least the existing methods are based on increasing the number and size of gaps in the body of the penis, as well as stretching the skin of the penis and traumatizing the corpora cavernosa and spongy bodies to give them an impetus for growth. All this leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the organs. Therefore, massage is what you need to pay attention to if you want to increase your manhood.

Classification technique

  1. Penis enlargement massage (on the penis at rest and on the erect penis).
  2. Exercises:
    • Jelqing.
    • Uli.
    • Double Uli.
    • Reverse Uli-Jelqing and Jelqing-Uli.
    • "Jelqing with the support of the head of the penis. "

Manual modes

People often use different types of extensions to enlarge the phallus. But they are expensive and can damage the penis. And this is a foreign body that needs to be worn on the penis for at least 6 hours a day. This is due to the disadvantages of this technique. For those who don’t have the opportunity to buy an extension or just don’t want to, there are many types of massages and exercises that you can use to effectively increase penis size at home. Many find these techniques more physiological and less traumatic.

penis enlargement extender

Advantages of exercises and massage for penis enlargement:

  1. You can do this at home at any convenient time at home.
  2. It does not take much time (with the exception of some techniques).
  3. No prior consultation with a doctor is required.


  1. It is necessary to carefully learn the technique of performance.
  2. The result is changeable and very individual.
  3. The penis can be injured.

Let's examine in detail the technique of performing massages, they are also exercises for penis enlargement. With regular exercise, you can increase not only the length of the phallus, but also the thickness. Also keep in mind that an erection will last longer and that feelings will be brighter during intercourse.

Before performing any massage and penis enlargement exercises, you need to wrap your penis with a towel soaked in warm water for 10 minutes. This is done to reduce trauma to the penis. It is imperative that the penis be abundantly lubricated with lubricant or Vaseline (in some methods the procedure is carried out "dry", this will be mentioned). It is necessary to strictly adhere to the level of the recommended erection for exercise, because otherwise you can damage the penis.

How much uly helps with jelqing

Let's describe in detail the most common exercises.


The most common and well-known penis enlargement exercise is "Jelqing".

Massage technique: squeeze the penis at the base with the first and second fingers of the right hand and slowly stretch it to the head. Without dropping your right hand, squeeze the penis at the base with the first and second fingers of your left hand and stretch again. Then again with the right hand, a total of thirty times. Erection should be 50-75%.


It is also a very common and easy exercise to increase penis thickness.

Massage technique: you have to grab the penis and then squeeze for 40 seconds. and let go. The number of repetitions depends on the level of training, on average 3-5 times. At the time of execution, there should be a complete erection.

"Double Uli"

the man does a massage to increase the size of the penis

The technique is similar to Uli's penis enlargement exercises.

Method of execution: with one hand you have to take the penis in the base, and with the other - in the area of the head. Then rhythmically squeeze the penis simultaneously with both hands for 40-50 seconds. The number of repetitions also depends on the level of training and the desired result.

Reverse "Uli-Jelqing"

Technique: With your left hand you have to grab the penis at the base and hold it throughout the exercise. Grasp the head with your right hand, squeeze it slightly and stretch it to the base in the same way as during Jelqing. Do this 30 times with an erection of 90-95%.

Reverse "Jelqing Uli"

Massage technique: grab the penis at the bottom with one hand and squeeze. On the other hand, start a jelqing exercise to enlarge your penis. It is necessary to exchange hands. The exercise is performed a maximum of 10 times with an erection of 90-95%.

Glans support method

This exercise is performed with an erection in 90-95% no more than once. To enhance the effect of the exercise, it is recommended to perform Kegel exercise to train the perineal muscles and increase blood flow. So let’s get back to the technique. With your right hand you have to grab the penis at the base, do the "Jelqing", stand on your head and keep your hand there throughout the exercise. At that time, start performing "Jelqing" from base to head with your left hand.

Bending exercise

It is performed on a practically unraised penis without the use of lubricants, the maximum level of erection is 25%. This technique aims to increase the thickness of the penis.

To do this, you have to grab the penis by the head with one hand and pull the penis like a leash. Place the fingers of the other hand under the penis and bend it downwards. Therefore, it is necessary to bend the penis 6 times in different directions, changing position and volume. With the advent of bending skills, you can no longer use 1-2, but 4 fingers. This will be more efficient.

Finally, we will describe a Kegel exercise technique that can be easily performed at home.

It's easy to do - just try to stop the flow of urine during urination and you will immediately feel the tension between the scrotum and the anus, there are muscles important for erection. Simulating a urine jet suspension is an exercise. This way you can train your perineal muscles anywhere and unnoticed by others.

From practice: for greater efficiency, in addition to performing a penis enlargement massage, you can use various ointments, foams and creams to change the size of the phallus.

Nothing in life is impossible! It all depends on motivation and the amount of effort. Penis enlargement exercises have been shown to be effective for years, but weekly exercises are not required to achieve results. Try it! It’s so nice to feel macho!